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The first film in The Sentence Series. An experimental documentary essay inspired by acclaimed French filmmaker Chris Marker's 'Sans Soleil'. A young woman travels for the first time alone through Australia.  Throughout her journey, she learns to overcome her fears of isolation and loneliness as she existentially ruminates on her past.


Official selection Tribeca Film Festival.

Past Projects: Project


The second installment in an exceptionally personal experimental travelogue essay series, 'And' tells the continuing story of a single woman on a journey to find happiness while trekking through select cities in Europe and Japan. Jennings' film functions simultaneously as a travelogue, visual blog and reality show, in which the filmmaker is at once contestant, jury and her own executioner. Inspired by Chris Marker's 'Sans Soleil,' a film about meditations on time and memory, 'And' expands the discussion of those themes and also adds existential questions about human existence and our role in the universe. Through carefully written narration and beautifully captured digital and 16mm film imagery, Jennings takes the audience on an odyssey through her soul. We follow our accessible protagonist while she ruminates on her past while looking forward to her unknown future.

Past Projects: Project
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